[Bordermarch] Baronial

Lathrop, Dave David.Lathrop at valero.com
Thu Jun 23 06:27:19 PDT 2011

Greetings Bordermarch,

I will be contributing something delicious to the Baronial feast this weekend, and I'll let you know what it is just as soon as HE Elisabeth tells me.

Since Bordermarch likes to stuff the bellies of our friends and visiting guest with food, I would encourage everyone to bring something to our upcoming Baronial event. We will have all the eats spread out real nice-like on some tables, and will even have utensils for those who do not wish to use their fingers.
If you happen to have a stick with some small 1"long branch stubs on it, please bring that to the event.

Some folks will be spending the night at the site in Winnie to get an early head start on site set-up. If you have a desire for something please join them, they can use all the help they can get. If you've got an extra pavilion that the barony could use mahaps you could bring it to provide some extra shade for our guest.

We are all going to have a good time at this year's baronial because our Autocrats a tremendous party animals.

HE Santiago

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