[Bordermarch] M'lady Katerina Hutsel hospitalized / M'lord Bear's wife

tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Wed Jun 29 12:42:53 PDT 2011

Please pray. Don Isaac is sending messages: 
They had taken his Mother, M'lady Katerina Hutsel, to San Jacinto Hospital in Baytown.
last week. 
Prayers for Kat and her huband Bear, and for Isaac; with all of them, that the doctors will know exactly what to do.

'Kat' 's modern name is Mary Ann Dark.
Room was 269, unless room # changed after surgery.

I believe Bear's and Isaac's "work away" and "days in" schedules to be opposite each other, 
for one to be in while one is away.

The other day Isaac sent:
"They admited her and took out her Gall Bladder. Everything was okay until yesterday [earlier this week], 
she went back in, and she has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. they plan to drain fluid away from the outside of her lungs, 
and she has fluid on the outside of her pericardial sac they intend on draining."

This afternoon [Wed} Don Isaac sent:
"She just got out of surgery, they installed a heart catheter. 
They plann more tests, but they are going to give her a break today, and let her have some solid food. 
More tests tomorrow. (Internal Echo) then we will develope a prognosis, and treatment." 

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