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This evening was so enjoyable!!  Thanks to Their Excellencies for opening their home up to host the movie night.  Food and fun abounded as well as good company and conversation.  Again, many thanks for a fun time.  

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Today's Topics:

   1. July A&S (James Wickham)
   2. Bordermarch Movie Night (Lathrop, Dave)


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So, what has everyone been doing amongst the heat and torrential downpours that were July?? I took it pretty easy A&S-wise this month, just making a case of mint jelly.


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Greetings Bordermarch,

The recent Bordermarch Movie Night Extravaganza was a blast! The movie we watched was Henry the 5th.
After the show I asked, and then begged for someone to write a review about the movie, but none would offer to take on this task.
Everyone down to the very last one of the movie attendees insisted that I do the Premiere Movie Review; I reluctantly agreed.

My review:
The movie selection of Henry the 5th was well received by all the attendees. Since there were no subtitles,
I had to pay attention to the Shakespearian language that was used throughout the movie.
I found the hidden textures of a love story intertwined within the horrors of medieval battle quite intriguing!
Some of the movie was spoken in French and none present could understand what was being said.
In the end, King Henry the 5th married the beautiful French Princess and they had a son; they called him Henry the 6th.

I'd like to thank the following movie night attendees for allowing me to write the first ever movie review for Bordermarch's
Movie Night Extravaganza:

HE Elisabeth
HE Amber Lea
HE Therese
Lord Jacob
Lord Thomas
Lady Padraigin
Lord Wolvrin
Lady Jillian
HL Carletta
Lord Ricciardo
Lady Catalina


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