[Bordermarch] anyone out there have a window unit a/c?

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  Yes!  We have three units: 2 here in Baytown that are working and one at
our property in Cleveland that I have no idea is it works, though it looks
in fair condition.  They are all small units.  You are welcome to have the
one in Cleveland and one of the ones here and if you want, you can borrow
the other ( I'd like to get it back to keep incase our A/C goes out.)

Call me so we can make arrangements.


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Does anyone in  the Barony have a working window a/c unit they would sell,
loan, or give? Our a/c's compressor got fried, evidently, and no longer
cools (evidently due to lightning. We found out recently that the house
hasn't been grounded!) It is consistently 85-90 degrees in the house and is
causing problems for us with health & heat tolerance. Have put out feelers
on  Freecycle, but of course, it is summertime & no one is getting rid of
a/c units! 
Suggestions and advice are sought, as well.
Meresankh (who, though may be Egyptian, doesn't do hot and humid well At
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