[Bordermarch] News from Pennsic

Germanicus de Atlan ldgermanicus at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 5 07:11:41 PDT 2012

Hail Bordermarch!
Greetings from Germanicus & Dane the Red, here at Pennsic War.  We've already seen superb fighting, with 16 year old Dane newly authorized as an adult chivalric fighter standing proud in the Kamikaze Battle.  His quote; "I didn't know he was a king until I knocked him off off his feet and all of these guys starting crying out "your Majesty! Your Majesty!"
He also had 2 pickup fights with m'lord Sterling & Sir John from parts unknown, defeating and surprising them both at least once and making 2 friends in the process.
Hundreds of classes to choose from, MANY friends to catch up with & merchants too many to count, it's Pennsic after all.  Last night was the 20th Anniversary Party for Ironlance, WAY off the charts with fire dancers, Ishtar's music reaching the stars, & old friends like Sythe Bearslayer asking Sir Simonn & Tessa.
Tomorrow will see Dane & I alongside our shield brothers on the field for the first day of the war-battles so watch for more news soon!
At your service,
Germanicus, Deputy Kingdom Youth Combat Marshal and
Dane the Red, Youth Chivalric Champion for His Majesty King Hrafn

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