[Bordermarch] Tiny Tourney

David Lathrop dblathrop at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 5 16:32:01 PDT 2012

Just home from the wonderful Tiny Tourney/demo that L. Thomas and L. Jillian organized at Rogers Park today. What a great turn out!  Over 70 people attended, some members some visitors and some old friends all mingling and coming together for a great time. 
So many thank yous to do today, due to pending weather we had to go rather fast and therefor missed a few. 
Let us recap our thanks:
L. Chrestian for helping us court herald. It was his first time and we think he did rather well...so a big VIVAT to you L. Chrestian!! 
Also many thanks so the list heralds & field marshals,  L. Claire & Friend, m'l Mary, HE CS Simonn, L. Jacob, and HE D Armand!
HE Theresa did a great job overseeing the A&S display, as did everyone who contributed to food and fan fair.
List mistresses HE Amberleah, who's birthday it will be tomorrow, and L. Jillian handled the scenarios and pairing very well. Thank you so much.
m'l Volfvrin and all the folks who added to the drumming and ambiance a big Vivat as well. 
L. Lillian was a big help over seeing HE and I, thank you for coming and for bringing a friend. 
m'l William for taking so many photo's that make our barony shine and the Trumpeter a newsletter folks can't wait to see, thank you. 
L. Raven for bringing membership information and our local newsletter to share with many. She was a busy bee today with so many visitors. Thank you!
And any and all who contributed to the gift baskets, setting up or tearing down, food service, water bearing etc...we thank you so much. It really added to the day and made Bordermarch true to its word for hospitality.  
Winners of the mock tourney's were L. Atli A&S for his mint jelly and roast beef sauce, L. Zane  for Rapier and m'l Casius for chivalric.
And again many, many thanks to L. Thomas and L.Jillian for all that you did to put on a great Bordermarch demo. 
In service,
Santiago & Elisabeth
B&B of Bordermarch

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