[Bordermarch] Thanks!

Christopher Birtciel c.birtciel at gmail.com
Sun Aug 5 19:56:39 PDT 2012


I just wanted to send out a huge THANKS!! to all the people that made
today's Tiny Tourney possible.  In no particular order, other than how I
remembered them, here are some of the folks that made today possible.

 HE Don Armand, Thank You!! for helping with set-up, tear-down, marshaling
on the rapier field, teaching the field etiquette class, and especially for
bringing down the things from the castle to make today possible.  Lady
Claire, a big thanks for field heralding for the rapier field.  Also a big
thanks go to m'Lady Mary and m'Lady Amber for field heralding for the
chivalric field.  Thanks to Ld Jakob for marshaling for the chivalric
field, despite his recent injury.  Thanks as well to HE C S Simonn for
helping with the field etiquette class as well as marshaling on the
chivalric field.  HE Amberlea, thanks!, for presiding as list mistress,
conducting a list mistress class, and thinking up some out-of-the-norm
scenarios for the lists.

Also sending thanks to Ld Chrestien for handling all the court heralding
duties, vivat!  Thanks! to HE Therese for running the A&S table and all
manner of scribal duties.  Also thanks to Wolfstar, especially Ld Roland,
Ld Olaf, and m'Lord Rogan for helping with set-up and the rushed tear-down.
 Thanks also go to m'Lord William for taking lots and lots of photos of
everything happening this afternoon.

Thanks go to everyone that contributed to the gift baskets, HE Santiago, HE
Elisabeth,  HE Therese, Ld Atli, m'Lord William, and m'Lady Mary, VIVAT!!

And last, but far from least, a Huge Thank You! to our Baron and Baroness,
HE Santiago and HE Elisabeth, for allowing me to run this demo, coming up
with some interesting scenarios of their own, bringing lots of things to
help create the proper ambiance for the day, and especially all of the
little things you do to make it work.

To everyone that attended, thanks so much for making the day what it was,
it was all of you that made it all possible!  If I have forgotten to list
anyone here, please know that your contribution was dearly loved and
appreciated, and it is only my great exhaustion that has prevented me from
mentioning it here.

Yours in Service
Ld Thomas peregrine

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