[Bordermarch] Pennsic War

Germanicus de Atlan ldgermanicus at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 14 18:35:49 PDT 2012

Hail Bordermarch!Ansteorra was well represented at Pennsic, and sent many an enemy down the glory road, especially onFriday when Dane the Red "hired himself" and presented his gift to King Hrafn and the other men he's been Youth Combat champion for, none other than Ironlance joining alongside Ansteorra for the gigantic field battles! Sir Simonn's protege at only 16 was in the thick of the fighting all week, and you can see him with our Ironlance brothersin the yellow tabbards at 1:17 in this video.  Our first time to fight alongside each other, look for him in the black helmet and skulls on his shoulders:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfHivOEFyr8 After leaving Pennsic for the long march home, his first words were "so when will the next event with melees be?" Germanicus 		 	   		  

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