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Subject: [Ansteorra] To Our Beloved Kingdom, regarding the recent lawsuit settlement.

Unto the populous of the great Kingdom of Ansteorra do we, Aaron and
Amelot, with our Heirs,
Hrafn and Elizabeta, send Greetings,

This weekend, We were a part of a momentous conference call with the SCA
Board of Directors
and the assembled Royalty and Greater Officers of the Known World. We are
sure that many of
you are already aware of the lawsuit was directed against the Society for
Creative Anachronism,
Inc. as a result of the actions of a former member of our Society who has
long since had his
membership revoked.

Over the past 8-10 years, the SCA, Inc. has been defending itself and all
our members against
this lawsuit. New policies have been put into place to prevent acts similar
to those that led to the
lawsuit happening again. The corporation has been successful in keeping
these problems in the
modern world from interfering in the game we all love, and they have
expended a large amount
of money already in the vigorous defense of our Society.

The lawsuit has finally come to a conclusion, and the settlement that the
SCA's legal team was
able to negotiate is less than 20% of the amount that was originally
demanded. As a result of a
variety of issues with the SCA's Insurance providers, the SCA is now in
litigation with one of
our former providers to recoup the amount of money that the SCA has been
forced to pay out in
the settlement.

The bottom line is that the SCA, of which we are all a part, is obliged to
pay a significant amount
of money, which must be paid within 45 days of the settlement decision, to
end this legal action.
All Kingdoms and major independent wars are being asked to pay 18% of their
2010 Domesday
reported financial amounts. Ansteorra will be receiving an invoice from the
corporate office on
Monday, February 6th, for our share of this amount. We have 10 days from
receipt of the invoice
to remit the money to the corporate office in order to keep the game that
we love so much

We were also informed that the Lawsuit we are currently pursuing against
our former insurance
provider has a trial date in May, and the SCA hopes to recoup some, most of
or all of the money
it is paying in the settlement. We have been pledged that however much
money is recouped
from this lawsuit, that the money (after payment of any legal fees still
outstanding) will be
distributed to the Kingdoms proportionally based on the amounts that each
Kingdom has put
forward as its share of the settlement. Our Kingdom Exchequer will be
contacting each of
Ansteorra's Exchequers to discuss how we, as a united Kingdom, will take
care of our mutual

We would like to express Our full support of the Board of Directors at this
point. For many of us
there was real fear that our game would, at this point, be ceasing to
exist. While this 18% is by
no means an easy thing to accomplish, We feel that it is a burden that is
reasonable, given all the
benefits that the SCA has awarded us over the many years we have enjoyed
this game.

This is a hard time in our SCA experience. We understand that for many
groups this request will
put strain upon their finances, and we sincerely apologize for the
inconvenience. The reality is,

this is a game that We love dearly, and want to see in existence another
fifty years to come. If
we stand united in this together, we can come out the other side of this
rough patch as a stronger

What we ask from you all now is simply to join Us in standing together and
doing our part to
save the greater Society of the SCA. We especially urge you look forward to
the great things
we can do as a Society now that the burden of this lawsuit has been lifted
from our shoulders. It
profits no one to look back in bitterness at what caused this crisis in our
history, to try to place
blame or to wallow in anger - it is to the future we must look, to how we
can build the SCA into
an even stronger, more vital and supportive community. Please keep this in
mind as you discuss
the lawsuit and its settlement among yourselves, on our Kingdom mailing
list and on your
personal pages in various social media. We intend to demonstrate to the
world that Ansteorra
will pursue the honorable, courteous and chivalrous path forward.

In Service

Aaron and Amelott
Hrafn and Elizabeta

Here is the link to the Society webpage that list the FAQ and details that
we have been provided
to Us at this time:

http://sca.org/BOD/announcements/settlement.html <https://tex.tpwd.state.tx.us/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://sca.org/BOD/announcements/settlement.html> 
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