[Bordermarch] GW 2012 Registration

tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Sun Feb 19 18:55:11 PST 2012

Yippie! I got back our on-line registration for GW 2012. It emailed back to us the very same evening!
Do you have yours yet?
Please remember to 
(1) send in your GW registrations on line within the next couple of days for populace land count, 
and then 
(2) email your data and tent size to the Camping Land Steward, Lord Gavin, ldgavin at gmail.com
who asks you to include your GW registration confirmation number from the GW office. 

You "could" arrive and enter gate to pay registration then, but it would not count toward land size saved for the populace.
For land size, they have to know right away.

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