[Bordermarch] Coastal Land

Gavin MacGiollaRua ldgavin at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 16:23:15 PST 2012

This is general information, I will be marking out land for the groups
in the Coastal area.  These lands will be first come first serve to
those who have pre-registered unless someone wants to coordinate tent
placement for your local group.  I can send out the group registration
info to your local land coordinator as soon as I get it from the war.

Also there is only FOUR days left to register online, as of today I
only have 36 people registered for the the entire region.

Please email me the following info when you register:

Last Name
First Name
SCA Name
Confirmation code    (starts with an "E")
Group Camping with
Tent length
Tent width
Arrival Date

In Service to the Dream,

HL Gavin MacGiollaRua

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