[Bordermarch] Camp Out & Prayers

David Lathrop dblathrop at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 27 08:20:38 PST 2012

The camp out this past weekend was GREAT. We missed so many of you and wish you could have been there. It was a little cold Friday night and Saturday morning but once the sun came out it was great. L Phocus, L Ellen, a niece,m'l Therese and nephew, m'l Stephen camped. C Simonn and C Tessa camped as well as HE Santiago, myself and our granddaughter m'l Harley. We had 12 others come up on Sat to hang out.....L Zane, L Calvin, L Phalisitte, m'l Taylor, L Jillian, L Thomas, m'l Morgan, m'l Harmony, HE Caitrin, HE Armand, L Beau & L Karen. Several of the rapiers practiced their craft while L Beau did some calligraphy and the lady's discussed period cooking while passing around a book of period recipes. The children had a wonderful time playing in the "kingdom" as they called it which was actually the castle. They threw pine cone bombs at L Phocus, L Ellen and myself from the top of the castle, walked the ravine and around the pond, played with a camp
 dog and tended the fire while roasting marshmallows. They also where able to see the fascinating world of leaf cutting ants and how they strip a Yopon tree of its leaves. They seemed to watch the ants for hours!!
Lots of stories old and new were told by all and the laughter was contagious.  Dinner consisted of chickens roasted over an open fire, baked beans X 2, wild rice, smothered greens, breads, roasted pork and vegetables, baked apples with raisins and an assortment of fruits. C Tessa, HE Elisabeth, L Ellen, L Jillian and HE Caitrin all contributed to the wonderful feast. I'm sure they will be sharing their recipes in Aprils Trumpeter. We will definitely do it again in the near future.
Santiago and I would also like you to keep L Padraigin and L Ellen in your thoughts. They need our support and prayers as they go through this very difficult time with their families.
HE Elisabeth 

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