[Bordermarch] Sad tidings: Passing of Lord Brendan of Hy Brasil -Adders Keep

tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Mon Feb 27 10:51:48 PST 2012

I am so sorry to impart this death message. 
A message came from Ly Vyvian that her brother Ld Brendan died.
Am awaiting permission from Lady Vyvian to share details of memorial, which are planning for Saturday, Mar 3.
Lord Brenday of Hy Brasil, then changed his name "of Adders Keep," passed away this weekend.

Lord Brendan is Lyle Gaulding, and his sister Lady Vyvian of Sherwood is Lynn Gaulding Delage;
they are among the earliest members of the populace of Bordermarch who had a high activity level throughout 
Ansteorra's Principality and early Kingdom years, serving in several offices. 
She has been leader of the music guild, chronicler on several levels in Ansteorra, 
cook, autocrat.    
He was a rapier enthusiast, photogapher, chronicler editor, and quite a story teller and pun-ster.  
Thier activities beginning in the 1970's helped establish the roots of Bordermarch as a shire, then as a barony; and their
participation as workers enriched the Principality of Ansteorra.
Simonn and I had visited with him one afternoon at his bedside a few weeks ago in their home after his extended hospital stay.
Although Brendan / Lyle had not participated at events in recent years, beyond an occasional 12th Night or Mountain-Gate function, 
he spoke at length that day of many fond memories of his friends in the SCA. 
Our deepest sympathy and condolences to Lady Vyvian / Lynn and her family.

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