[Bordermarch] We're Back

David Lathrop dblathrop at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 2 11:52:19 PDT 2012

Good Afternoon Populace,
HE Santiago and I had a very productive time at the B&B retreat. When we (the B&B) all put our heads together we have so much to offer one another. Hoping to bring some new and exciting ideas to Crown.
Many of you have asked about going with us to Round table in July. This was a trial road trip since my last surgery and it wasn't fun. All though we stopped frequently I still had some nerve pain and swelling in my back and right leg that is sticking with me today. Also I have just gotten in from my doctors and he confirmed I now have shingles under my arm and upper back. Two steroid shots and a seven day medication will hopefully get me back on track quickly. The pain is horrible! Along with that we have also learned that the site for round table has changed and will now be at a farm/wedding venue. There is no telling what the accommodations will be so we encourage anyone going to be prepared. It may be hot and/or crowded. We need a headcount on those needing to attend and also volunteers for transportation. HE and I can not be counted on to attend all or part of the event. We are still planning on trying but don't want to leave anyone hanging. 
Please post to this list if you re planning on going to Round table, how many in your party and do you have transportation you can offer.
Thanks so much,
HE Elisabeth

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