[Bordermarch] Minutes of last Populace Meeting

David Lathrop dblathrop at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 3 00:25:17 PDT 2012

Populace Meeting
June 28th2012
Open at 7:15 pm & welcome:  
Announced Santiago and I continuing to hold
the B&B position. 
L. Katherine visiting from
Huntsville previously from Ravensfort, past chronicler of Ravens Fort
L. Dominique visiting from Liberty,
played from Ansteorra’s beginnings. Past Kingdom steward
Thank you to L. Jillian for sharing
a homemade fruit tart (pizza) & HE Elisabeth for allowing us to 
all try the Watermelon Rind Pickles
(family recipe)
L. Aldrich (Troy) was able to light
fight this past week post health issues. Welcome back!!
Old News:  
A&S Day big success. Many
compliments surrounding classes. Heard it said by many kingdom 
level players that the classes
where kingdom quality. 
New News: 
Padraigin has a new granddaughter
for L. George, HE AmberLeah & L. Carletta
for a monthly “Movie Night” starting at Their Excellencies 7-9 pm on a Sat.
Watch the list
Sunday’s FP to include drumming and arts under a pop up.
Tourney planned for Sunday August 5thStewarded by L. Thomas
letters of intent to autocrat 12thNight 2013 and Baronial 2013 send
to B&B
Leah auto crating, event meeting Fri July 13 during Scribal Guild 6:30 pm
Rapier Community attending Loch’s FP July 17th and Aug 14th. Contact
L. Thomas 
more details.
Officer Reports:
Seneschal- OK                   Treasure-new deputy, OK C-$9411.33,
Hospitaler-OK                    MOC-open         N
Marshal-new deputy, OK                         R
Chronicler-OK Trumpeter ready July
2-5                                                A&S-new deputy, OK lots of activity        
 Scribal-OK Guild Fri 7/13 7 pm                                                    Herald-1 name submission
Who Am I……presented by L. Biau dous de la mere (Uncle Biau)
Door Prize: homemade jar of Watermelon Rind Pickles by HE
Elisabeth won by L. Jillian
Closed meeting at 8:15 pm

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