[Bordermarch] Kings Round Table

David Lathrop dblathrop at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 22 14:02:45 PDT 2012

Good Afternoon Bordermarch,
Several of us, Their Excellencies C. Sir Simonn and C. Mistress Tessa, ourselves, L. Jillian and L. Thomas and two of our newest members m'l Valarie and m'l William attended the bi annual KRT to attend classes for warranting, and learn more about Ansteorra's state of affairs. It was very informative and the information will be shared this Thursday at Populace. We thank those that attended with us and those that joined us at poolside for a birthday celebration for m'l William and HE C. Sir Simonn. Fun was had by all and I think will be again at the next Round Table.
Bordermarch is in good standing and growing leaps and bounds!
We Remain In service To The Crown & Your B&B,
Santiago and Elisabeth

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