[Bordermarch] Pennsic Pity Party & Tiny Tourney Preparations

Mary Newsome marynewsome1 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 15:08:07 PDT 2012

William and I are fortunate enough to be off that day and will be
attending.  As usual we will be providing our shade pavillion, a couple of
tables, water,  as well as some kind of nom-noms - in addition to whatever
the grilling decision is.  Our plan is to be in the area early that day so
we should be there with plenty of time to help set up and provide whatever
assistance is needed.  I will also rutt around and see if anything is left
after packing to donate for prizes.

Best Regards,
William and Mary

On Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 9:35 AM, Christopher Birtciel
<c.birtciel at gmail.com>wrote:

> Greetings friends!
> As you all know, HE Elizabeth has tasked me with stewarding a tiny
> tourney *Sunday,
> August 5th*.  It's all coming together well, but I have a few requests and
> favors to ask of my neighbors to really get this party going:
> 1. An opinion poll:  Would we rather have someone grill/bring a grill and
> each bring his own food to cook OR pot luck some cold (hot weather) goodies
> OR to each his own?  We have the space to set up a community table or
> pavilion and share a lunch with our friends and family, but it WILL be hot.
>  If anyone would like to volunteer a grill and cooking supplies, or even to
> grill things for others, please let me know and we'll arrange it!
>  Otherwise, depending on response, we'll probably have a pot luck afternoon
> snack.
> 2. Anyone with list field supplies close to hand, please get in touch with
> me soon.  Chrestien, Don Armand, Sir Simonn?  I am in need of ropes for at
> least 2 tourney-sized fields, stakes, etc. I also need anyone with
> marshaling staves to bring them out.  This is a demo, and NOT official in
> any way, but I'd really like to show our newbies what a tourney *should* be
> like, so the closer we can get to 'actual', the better.
> 3. Rudy, please contact me ASAP.
> 4. Anyone wishing to teach classes or set up A&S display, please do so!  HE
> Theresa will be coordinating the set-up on site, so you might give her a
> heads-up.  I would love to have Don Armand & Sir Simonn teach a field
> etiquette class just before we take the field, if that can be arranged.  HE
> AmberLea, who is sponsoring the lists for her birthday (and coming up with
> some fun scenarios) will teach a List Mistressing class for anyone
> interested in learning.
> 5. MOOT!  There will be a Moot Court after the fighting.  There will be
> PRIZES for the champions of the lists! We need prizes to give, if you have
> anything cluttering up your keep and would like to see it go to a worthy
> cause (or lucky duck...).  Lord Chrestien, your presence will be REQUIRED,
> per HE Elizabeth.
> Any questions, concerns, suggestions are welcome!  I will be at Populace,
> albeit late, possibly at Guild Together, and at TE's for movie night, and
> can be reached there, through treasurer @ bordermarch.org OR c.birtciel @
> gmail.com (no spaces), on Facebook, or you can call/text Lady Jillian to
> leave a message 409) 926-2367.
> Spread the word!  I'll have an event announcement ready and send it out to
> various lists by tonight, but the more folks we can host, the merrier we'll
> be!
> Yours in Service,
> Thomas Peregrine
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