[Bordermarch] Coordinators List for BAM 2012

Jillian Birtciel saintesun at gmail.com
Fri Jul 27 13:20:44 PDT 2012


HE Dona Leah asked me to post this to the list sometime today, in case
anyone needs to get in touch with these coordinators for volunteer time,
etc.   Any mistakes are my own and I apologize profusely!  Please help me
correct them!  If you know of any omissions or changes, please let me know
so I can change the master list for Her Excellency and keep this show
running smoothly.  None of this information is to be forwarded away from
this list without the express permission of the owner of said information,

Steward: Dona Leah  409 550 6639   steward at bordermarch.org
Co-Steward: Ld. Thomas 409 681 9055   steward at bordermarch.org or
c.birtciel at gmail.com
Baron Santiago         409 673 7277   david.lathrop at valero.com
Baroness Elizabeth   409 673 0897   dblathrop at yahoo.com
Stewards' Secretary: Jillian  409 923 2367   saintesun at gmail.com
BAM Guru: Ld. Phocas  409 656 3800    phocas at bordermarch.org

Prize Coordinators:
General: HE Elizabeth
A&S: Mistress Hillary   hillaryrg at yahoo.com

Scrolls Coordinators:
Scribe: Ld. Biau-Douz   409 283 4548   beaudumesnil at hotmail.com
Asst. HE Theresa    409 718 2581   cre8titess at yahoo.com

Tokens:  Ld. Phocas

General: Mistress Tessa   409 898 4582    tessa at gt.rr.com
Asst. HE Caitrin   409 331 9961    armand_caitrin at sbcglobal.net

Ly. Catarina    409 474 1865   jayna.calhoun at lamar.edu
Ld. Jeffery
Book: Ly. Pandora   409 527 1473   pandorapenncraft at yahoo.com

Cry: Mistress Jalali    iris20 at sbcglobal.net

Merchants: Ld. Phocas

HL Caley    361 244 2083   chirurgeon at ansteorra.org or medicfem at gmail.com

Chivalric fields:
Sir John    johnsevern at hotmail.com

Rapier fields:
HE Armand   713 859 9012   armand_caitrin at sbcglobal.net

MOC/Children's Activities:
Magdalena de Paz   ms.micky2011 at yahoo.com

      Ld. Sterling   dragonut at att.net
The Crew
      Ld. Chrestien  409 790 2097  brkn_prms at hotmail.com
      Ld. Sewallis    409 749 4489  sewallisdeshirley at gmail.com
      Ld. Vincois     409 782 5512   vdragh at yahoo.com

Site Set-up

Ly. Padraigin    409 893 6168   padraigin at swbell.net
Ly. Raven         409 344 0438   stephanie.simmons at lamar.edu  or
simmons4204 at yahoo.com

    Ld. Sterling   dragonut at att.net

Ld. Slovaczek  slovaczek at sbcglobal.net

Ld. Atli   409 920 8224  wick7343 at yahoo.com

Ld. Dietrich  dietrich.strobelart at yahoo.com

Stargate Lunch
HE Ihon   jhirling at gmail.com

A&S (Popular choice)
Mistress Hillary

Bardic Circle:
HE Amberlea   409 791 3131  lou.burgin at lamar.edu
Youth: Morgan  409 926 2367  saintesun at gmail.com

Master Eule   producer at us.ibm.com

Deputy to Phocas:
Ld. Jakob (Rudy)  409 617 9708  rudyisfozzy at gmail.com

Gift Baskets:
Ly. Jillian   409 926 2367  saintesun at gmail.com

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