[Bordermarch] Greetings from afar

Angel Billiot billiotkwhs at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 28 16:08:20 PDT 2012

Hello Bordermarch family,

I was looking into the local group today to see who they were and as I was looking at their calendar of events i noticed it said BAM in big bold letters. Boy did that make me miss home. We have landed in Seawinds. I miss everyone and enjoy hearing about the happening back home. We have finally landed at "home" and we are starting to move forward with this new beginning. Speaking of happening if there is anyone and anything that needs to be done for BAM let me know and I am there... :).. Also while I was checking into the new group I came across something that even I found as a good read and figured someone else would like o read it. Someone who maybe new or just want to know a bit read this http://hospitaler.ansteorra.org/documents/ContinuousFlowNoFold.pdf  Hope to hear from everyone soon

Love Lady A

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