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Sun Jul 29 11:18:44 PDT 2012

Yes!  Taaaaaaaaaa-DAAAAAAAAAAAAAA for Lord Biau !
And to Lady Delphina, additionally; Bordermarch's dear friend and frequent 
visitor who also received a Sable Flur at Steppes Artisan Event.
Woot!  Woot!   Woot!   Woot!
And thanks to the folks who posted the news in various electronic media so 
we could all learn this great news!

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Congratulations to Lord Biau for becoming a Premier of the Sable Fleur of 
Ansteorra at The Steppes Artisan Event yesterday.
L. Biau entered several of his recent and not so recent works of art 
including the ink we all watched him make at scribal guild. He also entered 
an original scroll to show his progression in calligraphy and illumination.

Vivat L. Biau!!

Santiago, Elisabeth
and all your Bordermarch Family
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