[Bordermarch] A&S stuff

walton dumesnil wdumesnil at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 31 10:46:51 PDT 2012

Atli Says:   "So, what has everyone been doing amongst the heat and torrential downpours that were July?? I took it pretty easy A&S-wise this month, just making a case of mint jelly." Biau-douz says:   "Well, I'll tell you...ALOT!..." documentation & prep work for Steppes Artisan...The best stuff that we have done in both ink & Parchment making went too Steppes this past weekend...And let me tell you---They loved it! starting several new scrolls and trying to complete some scroll commision work on parchment (the real stuff)...YIS, Biau 		 	   		  

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