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Fri Mar 30 09:05:14 PDT 2012

Populace last night was filled with much joy and good humor.

What a blessing it was to have the Khorin, the Hawk of Endemion,  join our group last night. He is a recent transplant from the outlands. he is a heavy fighter and very interested in archery.

We also had young William of the Hermes visit us. His most lovely wife could not be with us due to her work schedule, but we'll all meet her soon enough. William is a heavy fighter and was a member of Bordermarch long ago. He has somehow conned his wife into wanting to take up the board and sword as well as archery. William may regret this move when that day comes and he forgets to take out the trash. She'll probably gear up and challenge him to a sparing contest.

Another newbie to the group last night was David.
David is a quite young man, and heard of the SCA through several of our members. He joined us to get a better feel for the group, and to see if we were going to scare him off. I, and several others told him there was no pressure in deciding on a persona and SCA name; that sort of set his mind at ease. When I asked him if he had decided on a name and persona after the meeting was over he was visibly  shocked.

Lord Jacob is collecting virgin, organic, purified rose petals. He is going to make a period love potion for Lord Vincois Luis Picard, a lonely man.

Lord Thomas was extremely hungry and ate a bowl of hamburger helper during the meeting. He is excited about the upcoming A&S day because there will be food.
Lady Jillian is now pondering whether I'll really write a column for the Trumpeter about Heraldry. I shall not let the fact that I know very little about the subject get in the way of my column. I will sign her name to it since she is our Herald.

Lord Atli admitted that he stole into HE Therese's yard during the dead of night and robbed her cumquat tree of all its cumquats except for one!
He claims he will produce cumquat jelly with the stolen fruit. Does this man have no conscious? Does he not know that one only makes jam with cumquat squeezings? He'll probable splat the jelly all over some pita loaf and offer it up at another populace. I for one will only eat just a little bit of this abomination, maybe, if it's really good, I'll eat a little bit more.

Russell Crow did not show up last night, but we are still hoping he'll make it to one of our populace meetings.

All of our officers excelled when it came time to give their monthly reports to the populace, God Bless them all!

Lady Jillian brought some handmade muffin things that were very good.

Lord Atli brought a bag of what he claimed was "chocolate mint" for those who want to try to transplant it and grow their own; I have my doubts about it.

Countess Tessa shared with the populace how she and Sir Simon got started in the SCA and how much it means to her to watch others enjoy the Dream. I think she was right-on about wanting others to enjoy our little hobby as much as we do.

I only had to wake Sir Simonn up once during the meeting; I believe he is finally regaining his youthful stamina.

Lady Paddy-Wack behaved herself as well as she could.

For all those who might be interested, Flatfish U day is fast approaching, unfortunately, the class that is being offered on how to catch the record Flatfish is full according to the billboard in our populace meeting room.

HE Santiago

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