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Mary and Uilliam, Lady and Lord,
Thank you so much for volunteering your extremely valuabe time to cut.
Much appreciated; there remains, as of this afternoon, still a lot of linen 
to cut out. Each coif is a 3-piece cap, plus the 3-piece lining (exact 
duplicate), plus the two straps;
so cutting out 50 coifs means cutting out 300 pieces... plus the straps. 
Monday -tomorrow- we will know more about how much still remains to be cut, 
and one of us can contact you for certain whether your valuable time will be 
needed, in plenty of time to notify good Uilliam for the exchange. Your 
dedication to family and work place are fully understood to take priority... 
and fear not; the populace is bound to continue to have planty of upcoming 
projects working together yet. I do not have the deadline date fresh in my 
mind, but Her Excellency Elisabeth will know it.
Best to you, stay warm.

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>I can cut out the pieces (if instructions/pattern is given) on my breaks at
> work, however will be unable to sew anything due to location and time
> constraints.  I can have William pick up the materials Tuesday morning
> (15th) and deliver the cut pieces the following Monday (21st).  Not sure 
> if
> that works for anyone, or if it would just be eaiser for me to bow out of
> this project.  Just need to know by Monday evening so William can make
> arrangements to stop by on his way home if need be.  I do know there is a
> small window to complete the project so it is very understandable if my
> schedule doesnt relate well to the time frame.
> Mary Whytehorne
> On Sat, Jan 12, 2013 at 10:40 PM, tessa <tessa at gt.rr.com> wrote:
>> As Their Exellencies Elisabeth & Santiago announced at populace meeting,
>> Their Majesties are enlisting people in each polulace group to cut and 
>> sew
>> for Their linen coifs project. They have plans for hundreds of coifs to
>> made for GW.
>> Linen was shipped to Their Excellencies' home, and with Her Excellency 
>> out
>> in California with her dear Mum, others are taking up the slack as
>> possible. I picked up the linen last night. HL Isabella has helped cut 
>> and
>> sew today. Tomorrow, more of same will be going on as soon as we get in
>> from church service.
>> All scissors-skilled and sew-maching skilled folk are invited to work in 
>> a
>> hen-house Sunday afternoon; or I can get some of the goods to you for you
>> to work on.
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