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Subject: American Mead Association Update
From: Dan McFeeley <mcfeeley at>
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1998 12:05:19 -0500

I spoke with Keith Wanless today and got an update on the A.M.A. and
the anticipated mead publication.

It seems that the new A.M.A. and the publication efforts are two separate
efforts, almost two different organizations.  Keith is struggling to get
everything together for the magazine between waiting on customers, running
his business, keeping up his web page, and so on.  He hopes to get the first
edition out before the end of the year.

Andy LaMorte up in Denver is in charge of resurrecting the A.M.A., which,
because of the financial problems that had plagued the old organization, 
means rebuilding everything from scratch.  I have no report to give on the
A.M.A., other than it is taking longer than anticipated. 

The proposed agenda for the magazine will have a review of commercial
meaderies.  Keith and friends are currently going through a review tasting
of about twenty or so meads from commercial meaderies.  It's a rough job
but someone has to do it.  ;-)

There are other articles in the wraps covering meadmaking and mead 
appreciation, including an article covering the benefits of using oak
as a secondary fermenter.  A review of Cindy Renfrow's book, _A Sip
Through Time_ is also planned.

Keith also made an offer to all members of the Mead-Lovers-Digest who
own commercial meaderies, run a homebrew shop with a special interest
in meadmaking (which, he added as an afterthought, probably includes
most if not all of them  :-) or beekeepers and other comercial distributers
of honey, to contact him at the address below and he will give them
free advertising space in the first edition of the new magazine.

Keith can be reached at:

Highlander Homebrew Supplies
151 W. Mineral Ave, Ste 133
Littleton CO  80120

kwanless at
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