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Sun Aug 30 15:23:06 PDT 1998

Good Morning,

  We normally meet on the first Monday of every month, except this month
  since I will be on my way back from Chicago. This means we will have
  work day on September 12th instead at 1 PM.

  We will spend the work day bottling 2 beers and a cider, as well as
  working on decorations and logistics for the fundraising tavern at
  our Baronial fall event. If the work day goes long enough, we can cook
  out on the grill.

  Here is a map to help you find your way. It's no way near to any known

  ||                                            ||        .
  ||                                            ||        |\
  ||B               A ||X        |W             ||L     N |
  ||u               rS||---------|o             ||a       |
  ||r               re||Choquette|o             ||m
  ||n               oc||         |d             ||a
  ||e               yo||         |r             ||r
  ||t               o ||         |o             ||
  ||                  ||         |w             ||
  ||                  ||         |              ||
                    Keonig / 2222                  -> To I-35

  The address is 1502 Choquette. The phone number is 323-9722.

  I hope to see you there! (Yes, I know some of you far away can't make it!)


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