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Sun Aug 30 15:27:16 PDT 1998

Good Morning,

  I'm curious how many people are planning on attending Laurel's Prize
  Tourney in November? I am moderating a brewing/vintning roundtable and
  would like to see who from here would be there.

  I currently have 3 topics, and am looking for a fourth for the
  roundtable just incase. The 3 topics I have are:

  1) Judging criteria for brewing/vintning in the SCA
  2) Kingdom-wide Guild possibilities
  3) Mundane and SCA laws regarding brewing/vintning. (This covers both
     Texas and Oklahoma.) While I am not an expert, I have contacted the
     experts (ie. TABC and ABLE) regarding the questions I had.

  I'd like to have 4 topics for people to discuss incase these are not
  of interest to the people who show up. For example if everyone things
  a Kingdom-wide Guild is not a good idea, it won't take long to discuss

In Service,

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