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Christina said something that sounded like:
> >   I currently have 3 topics, and am looking for a fourth for the
> >   roundtable just incase. The 3 topics I have are:
> 4) What sources are considered period and which are not by current standards.

Well this is an easy one at first glance. Anything written before 1600.

If you mean those close to period (pre-1650 lots of times is fine) and
secondary/tertiary sources, the list could go on for quite a while to
the point that I doubt there is an all inclusive list.

The problem with close to period sources is that unless it is published
that to 1650 is fine, it is up to the individual judging to say if it's
acceptable or not. This may not be known until the piece is being
judged, which is not the time to find out.

> 5) Which fruits, herbs, etc are considered period.  (and which are really
> drinkable...)

Well that is a hard one on two fronts.

The fruits and herbs that were used in period may not be the same strain
we have today, especially in the US. For a minor example, hops are period
and were used in brewing in period. However the hops we buy at the store
are not the same strains and not the same acidity levels.

When you talk about "really drinkable", that is a personal taste and
thus up to each individual. If you mean non-poisonous, alcohol is a
poison. *grin*

Thanks for the suggestions; let's see if we can make them work.


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