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Mon Aug 31 05:13:06 PDT 1998

nweders at said something that sounded like:
> Problem solving... this would  be aimed at people who who are beginner or
> slightly higher than advanced.  They could ask questions regarding problems
> and unknowns that they have.  You know Imy mead has particles in it, tastes
> off, is cloudy.  How do I keep mead worms from my batch...

I'd been thinking about having just open question and answer section,
but it seemed like a cop-out.

This would allow these topics as well as Magdelina's to be worked in
though. Unless someone comes up with a spectacular 4th topic, we'll just
plan on that, given time.

> Brewer's Handbook and Brewing Manual... should one be done, if yes what
> should be in it.  Deadline for such.

I had actually planned on bringing this up in association with the
Kingdom-wide guild since it would be one of the resources to draw upon.
I will be bringing the draft that we have on-line as well as drafts of
a charter worked up from the other kingdoms' guilds.


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