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Sat Dec 12 06:23:09 PST 1998

Good Morning,

  On Monday we discussed some of the issues around judging of the
  competition and one topic that came up stuck in my head. I'd like to
  get people's feedback on this so we can make a good choice regarding

  Do people think trying for anonymity is a good idea?

  After thinking long on this, I've come up with good and bad points,
  but I hope others have thought of more. As well, I hope this will
  generate some discussion regarding the topic to help us plan future

  First the good:

  1) There is less likelihood of bias for or against just because you
     know who's entry it is.
  2) It gives those new to the art a more level playing field with
     regards to "presentation" of the bottle the entry is in.

  Now the bad:

  1) Those who have been judging or watching for a while can still tell
     whose entry it is.
  2) Part of the points we decided on were "presentation" which labels
     are a part of.
  3) Those people entering with properly aged wines/meads/etc will more
     than likely have labels on them. This means they either have to
     remove it, or we will have to find a method of covering it properly.

  Originally I was leaning towards trying to have anonymous entries, but
  the more I think about it the less I like the idea as we're doing it
  this time. We've already written down some notes regarding this to
  try to do an anonymous entry competition sometime. (Such as having
  bottles to decant into at site.)

  One of the things we did discuss was that we will be having 2
  "committees" judging each category. These committees will hopefully
  have at least 2 people on them and the scores from them will be
  averaged for each entry. We are hoping to get people involved that
  normally don't judge, as well as trying to get the entrants to help
  judge categories they don't enter. This not only will help train new
  judges (as discussed at LPT) but will give everyone a better idea of
  how each of us judges.

  I have a list of people I will be contacting in particular for the
  committees, but if you are interested and will be there, let me know
  so we can write your name down. We will be drafting on site as well.

  Btw, soon I will be going to the site with the autocrat and others to
  try to figure out site layout. Hopefully I will have an idea of how
  much table space we will get then so I can let people know if we will
  be tight or not.


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