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Damaris of Greenhill damaris at
Sat Dec 12 08:42:51 PST 1998

Pug Bainter wrote:
> Good Morning,
>   On Monday we discussed some of the issues around judging of the
>   competition and one topic that came up stuck in my head. I'd like to
>   get people's feedback on this so we can make a good choice regarding
>   it.
>   Do people think trying for anonymity is a good idea?

The thing I like about anonymity, is that one is more likely judge the
wine/mead/ale on its own merit.  Judges are only human and might be
unfairly biased towards someone they KNOW is a good brewer and perhaps
be more critical of him/her.  This is not saying anyone involved will or
will not be biased.  It is merely an observation of human nature.

Personally, if a decision needs to be made than my $.02 is that I'm
ambivalent about the anonomity question.  Flip a coin.
>   Originally I was leaning towards trying to have anonymous entries, but
>   the more I think about it the less I like the idea as we're doing it
>   this time. We've already written down some notes regarding this to
>   try to do an anonymous entry competition sometime. (Such as having
>   bottles to decant into at site.)

And this is indeed the problem.  The Texas Brew Ha-ha has folks entering
unlabled beer/mead/wine with a form that contest officials number and
then label the entry with the corresponding number.  All the judges ever
see is the number of the entry.   Perhaps we could adapt this system

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