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Sat Dec 12 23:04:02 PST 1998

   Concerning anonomity.  Well, it works good on paper except that most
people don't understand the word.  It means basically that people can't
tell Product A from Product B.  And a good anonymous competition is good.
But gosh, I have judged a variety and can spot people's works sometimes
just from what they do, like lime saki (no offense, tuhtahl, but you are
the only one currently trying saki, I think). Plus I have seen the wrong
wine being attributed to the brewer and the voting getting skewed on that
count as well during an anonymous judging.  
	I like the decant into neutral clear bottles because that way color and
clarity can be observed -- so many of us use recycled bottles that are
green, brown, or black, (blue if you drink liebfraumilch)  Also I can speak
from personal experience at having looked at artwork and tossed aside years
before and not recognizing it.  Many times the brewers can't recognize
their own.   Pug, that would be interesting.  What say we get three bottles
of well-know people's brew and decant them into bottles and have people
guess whose they are?  That might be a fun side contest for Candlemas.  I'd
be willing to drink them -  I survived LPT with no hangover.....
	I think it's essential that judges be impartial.... It's a learned trick
same as anything else.  One needs to focus on neutral.  i know I have done
it and I'm sure that many others can be fair..... If not then perhaps they
should not be judges.


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