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Wed Dec 16 08:46:43 PST 1998

nweders at (nweders at said something that sounded like:
>    Concerning anonomity.  Well, it works good on paper except that most
> people don't understand the word. 

This is the problem as I sat and thought about it more and more.

> Plus I have seen the wrong
> wine being attributed to the brewer and the voting getting skewed on that
> count as well during an anonymous judging.  

Now this is even worse, IMHO, than it being skewed because they have the
name in front of them.

The whole idea of it being uncertain should make someone always judge
more evenly without any bias in either direction.


> Pug, that would be interesting.  What say we get three bottles
> of well-know people's brew and decant them into bottles and have people
> guess whose they are?  That might be a fun side contest for Candlemas.  I'd
> be willing to drink them -  I survived LPT with no hangover.....

This truly sounds fun. I think I will contact the people to make this
happen. We will even assure that the entries are within a single category.
To make it more like it would be in a competition.

> I think it's essential that judges be impartial.... It's a learned trick
> same as anything else.  One needs to focus on neutral.  i know I have done
> it and I'm sure that many others can be fair..... If not then perhaps they
> should not be judges.

This is probably what should be focused on more importantly.

As well, I think judging committees for things like this will help the
group be more impartial, assuming that they are assigned at random.

A group made of same minded people is the same or worse than each of
the individuals within it. A random group of people will "usually"
balance out.


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