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Gwen Morse goldmoon at
Tue Dec 22 23:41:50 PST 1998

I just wanted to send my greetings and introduce myself to members of the list.

My name is Gwen Morse, and I'm very new to cordial making. I plan to start
brewing mead during the New Year (so many activities, so little time). I'm
a member of the East Kingdom of the SCA, as well as a small Irish-Celtic
re-enactment group centered on Long Island, New York. I'm here because most
of the help I got so far was from Ansteorrans, and so it made sense to join
this list. If it's limited to locals, just let me know, and I'll unsubscribe.

With some virtual hand-holding from people I found online, I put up my
first "batch" of cordials in November. They will be served/taste-tested at
an Imbolc festival this upcoming Febuary for the Celtic group. You can find
information on these cordials in my web pages (link below in .sig) if
you're actually curious :).

I have 2 books on Cordials ("Classic Liqueurs: The Art of Making And
Cooking with Liqueurs" and "How To Make Quality Liqueurs and Cordials at
Home"). The first is a good reference book, the second is a pamphlet with a
minimal amount of information.

My first love is garb, but, I'm always looking for something "new" that has
a trade-able component to it. Enter mixing cordials and making mead...

Gwen Morse
Eachna dalta Aonghus

Eachna dalta Aonghus - 5th century Irish Celt
(Eachna, foster-daughter of Aonghus)
Probationary member of the New York Tuatha de Bhriain
Gwen Morse ||
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