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Christina magdlena at
Wed Dec 23 10:57:01 PST 1998

> My name is Gwen Morse, and I'm very new to cordial making. I plan to start
> brewing mead during the New Year (so many activities, so little time).

Welcome aboard!

> I'm here because most
> of the help I got so far was from Ansteorrans, and so it made sense to join
> this list. If it's limited to locals, just let me know, and I'll unsubscribe.

Nope.  Stick around, make friends, learn lots.

> You can find
> information on these cordials in my web pages (link below in .sig) if
> you're actually curious :).

I was.  ;>  When the time comes, I'd love to hear how the burst o'berry cordial
turns out.  It sounds delicious.  Do try pomegranate cordial.  It's _very_ good.

> My first love is garb, but, I'm always looking for something "new" that has
> a trade-able component to it. Enter mixing cordials and making mead...

Try a cyser sometime.  That's a mead with a cider base instead of a water base.
They are _very_ good, and are drinkable sooner.  I noticed that several of your
cordial recipes included apple juice, so I thought that I'd suggest cysers.

Happy Holidays!

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