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Wed Dec 23 13:46:15 PST 1998

Okay, here goes...the first of my cordialing questions :).

(1) How is a "tea" cordial made? I know you take bags (or loose tea) of tea
and plop it in the liquor to infuse, but, what are some ROUGH rules of
thumb as far as how much tea to how much liquor? I have a box of Irish
Breakfast tea and some gin I want to "play" with...

Do herbal "teas" work well as a way to get fine-ground herbs/spices (to
hopefully quicken the infusing step)? Or, do they tend to be inferior to
buying the herbs/spices in their whole forms?

(2) What are some ways you serve cordials at events? They're awfully
"strong" (if made right) both in flavor and alcohol content, so, passing
around a bottle at an even would lead to some very drunk guests :). One
suggestion I read was to add 1 oz. of cordial to 6 oz. of dry white wine
for "Kir" (a french apertif). This sounds like a good way to enjoy the
flavor of the cordial without getting drunk quickly.

(3) Are there any large/complex books on making cordials? I have 2 already,
one is a pamphlet, and the other is a thin book. I'm looking for a (good)
book with more than 100 pages on the topic, if such a work exists? Or, a
generous chapter in a book on brewing in general...

Gwen Morse

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