BVC - A couple questions [SCA]

Christina magdlena at
Wed Dec 23 18:05:42 PST 1998

> (2) What are some ways you serve cordials at events? They're awfully
> "strong" (if made right) both in flavor and alcohol content, so, passing
> around a bottle at an even would lead to some very drunk guests :).

Drunk guests.  :>

> (3) Are there any large/complex books on making cordials? I have 2 already,
> one is a pamphlet, and the other is a thin book. I'm looking for a (good)
> book with more than 100 pages on the topic, if such a work exists? Or, a
> generous chapter in a book on brewing in general...

Check out the cordialing sections.  (enjoy, explore, look under rec books in the

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