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Sun Dec 27 00:31:46 PST 1998

>Get ready to wait.  You'll need to let your macerated flavorings sit for
>about a month (longer for things like barks and hard roots or nuts), then
>strain the mix.  I reccomend not sweetening to begin with.  Sweeten after
>you strain, and make it 1-1/2 times sweeter than you think it should be.

I was given the above advice about sweetening cordials (making it sweeter
than I "think" it should taste), and I was wondering if other cordial
makers use a similar rule-of-thumb or had any feedback to offer on this

The person who suggested this commonly ages her cordials for several years,
and I was wondering if cordials meant to be served sooner (less than a year
old) should be treated the same way...if perhaps this is a method for VERY
sweet cordials...etc.

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