BVC - apple juice in cordials

N.D. Wederstrandt nweders at
Tue Dec 29 06:28:25 PST 1998

>> How does using cider speed the aging? I read a mention that apple juice or
>> cider would speed the aging of one of the longer cordials by a month, and I
>> was wondering how that worked.
>I think the cider adds acidity to the mead.  The acidity adjustment aids in
>the yeast fermentation somehow.
 	Theonly problem is that yeast is usually not used in cordials.   It
probably could speed aging in meads since most meads use some sort of
yeast.  For cordials, since the kind most SCAers make have distilled
spirits in it, I would assum it would add a sweeter taste with an apples
essense.  It would also water it down a tad a well.  It quite possibly be
used instead of honey or sugar as the principal sweetener to make a less
sweet cordial.

Could you find the source for this information?  I would be curious as to
what the idea is behind it.


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