BVC - Homebrewing disaster OxladeMac at
Tue Dec 29 06:40:40 PST 1998

'Tis a sad day in Mooneschadowe, at the Oxlade MacKinnon brewery.  Wilst I was
gone afar for the holidays of late, a terrible cold decended upon the land.  A
yound and foolish man, I was unprepared for this terrible cold.  Woe is me.
Four  gyle vats sat full in storage on my back porch.  When I returned night
last, four gyle vats sat shattered to greet me.  In addition, a vat sat full
to soak bottles, transfer equipment, and hoses.  It is still frozen - I know
not what that damage be.

Let this be a lesson to all other brewers.  Perhaps storing carboys full of
sanatizing solution is not such a good idea.

The cheapest source of replacement carboys I've found is Fezzo Water Company
in Tulsa - $12.50 each, plus the time to go pick them up.  Does anyone know a
cheaper source?

One good note - I had three carboys full of brew in the garage just a week
earlier.  I had moved them inside because the temperature was not high enough
to sustain Ale yeast fermentation.  Thank god!
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