BVC - Homebrewing disaster

Hugh Niewoehner hughn at
Tue Dec 29 07:16:43 PST 1998

Good Oxelade,

> Four  gyle vats sat full in storage on my back porch.  When I returned night
> last, four gyle vats sat shattered to greet me.  


> The cheapest source of replacement carboys I've found is Fezzo Water Company
> in Tulsa - $12.50 each, plus the time to go pick them up.  Does anyone know a
> cheaper source?

I understand the Corningware store in the Stroud outlet mall at one time
carried five gallon carbouys for approx $10 each.  These would be new
bottles rather than the beat up things you'll get from Fizzo.  

Anybody know someone in the Stroud, OK area or someone transiting that
area soon who could check it out?  Anybody from NK headed down to OKC
this Sat. for the regional fighters practice?

Glad to hear some of your work survived though.  

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