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Tue Dec 29 07:35:25 PST 1998

N.D. Wederstrandt (nweders at said something that sounded like:
> >> How does using cider speed the aging? I read a mention that apple juice or
> >> cider would speed the aging of one of the longer cordials by a month, and I
> >> was wondering how that worked.
> >I think the cider adds acidity to the mead.  The acidity adjustment aids in
> >the yeast fermentation somehow.
>  	Theonly problem is that yeast is usually not used in cordials.   It
> probably could speed aging in meads since most meads use some sort of
> yeast.

This is correct. The acidity change, as well as the nutrients in apple
juice, will help speed up the fermentation and aging of cysers.

> Could you find the source for this information?  I would be curious as to
> what the idea is behind it.

This would be good since I've not heard of using apple juice as a
sweetener for cordials. Although it would have a higher water content,
it would also impart a flavor, which may or may not be favorable
depending on the cordial.


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