BVC - apple juice in cordials

N.D. Wederstrandt nweders at
Tue Dec 29 08:47:34 PST 1998

Pug said this:
>This would be good since I've not heard of using apple juice as a
>sweetener for cordials. Although it would have a higher water content,
>it would also impart a flavor, which may or may not be favorable
>depending on the cordial.

	Neither have I but I have heard of frutose being used for some
people who have an intolerance for sugar and sucrose.   It is possible that
fruit sugars could be used to sweetened cordials for a mildly sweet
cordial.  If that were done however, I would think that the cordial might
have a shorter life span or may not be about to be stored for long periods
of time.
I can look up stuff when I get home.


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