BVC - Carboy's (WAS: Homebrewing disaster)

Hugh Niewoehner hughn at
Tue Dec 29 13:15:12 PST 1998

Trying not to make light of Oxlades loss, it looks like we're starting
to build a source list we can give to those who ask.

>I have also found them at about 10$ at Garden Ridge Pottery. 
>We have a Reading China outlet in San Marcos that does the same thing.

>Fizzo Water Company in Tulsa - $12.50 each

>Mecca Coffeehouse, Tulsa - I've seen anywhere from $18-$23 each.

>The Home Brewery - DFW, TX or Fayetteville, Ar 
	I've occasionally seen 6.5 gal carboys and 15 gal. demijohns
        in their catalog.  These are generally used.

Any others?  I can order them from my wholesale supplier in Oregon but
they'll only ship glass by truck. 

	- Damon
	Burg Borrendöhl Vinting
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