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ND Wederstrandt nweders at
Mon Jan 12 07:44:27 PST 1998

OOOOHHHHH!  I'm on another list!

Pug said something that could be miscontrued as:

>There are 4 categories, beer, wine, mead and cordials.
 > The overall first place will be a wooden press.
 > Bottles must be 12oz or larger (might be in the rules later instead)
 > Bottles must have no label or markings (might be in the rules later instead)

> We *might* say that there might be specials in each category for:

>  First started brewing on or after February 1, 1998
>  Batch started on or after February 1, 1998
>  "Period style" or period recipe ("pre-Digby" documentation)

>  All of the bottles will be marked on site by whomever checks them in.
>  The judges will not know who got marked how and should avoid being
>  near the check-in to avoid temptation. The markings will be worked out
>  later.

        We are just going to announce the contest this Candlemas, yes?  And
should the rules be ready to hand out at Candlemas so people can read them
or do we want to wait until later?

Cordials for the most part will be started after 1998, and probably after
Feb 1 so those two rules probably need not apply to the cordial part of the
contest.  Some of the softer fruit cordials don't hold well that long
unless they are really intense.


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