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Mon Jan 12 08:18:42 PST 1998

ND Wederstrandt said something that sounded like:
> OOOOHHHHH!  I'm on another list!

Well I can take you off of all of them, even the one you're the list
admin for, if you'd like. *grin*

> >  First started brewing on or after February 1, 1998
> >  Batch started on or after February 1, 1998
> >  "Period style" or period recipe ("pre-Digby" documentation)
>         We are just going to announce the contest this Candlemas, yes?  And
> should the rules be ready to hand out at Candlemas so people can read them
> or do we want to wait until later?

We're just going to announce the contest. I'd like to have the rules
ready later. It'd be a real pain to have all of the guidelines done in
the next 2 weeks.

We'll post them to the net, on the webpage, and send a copy to the local

> Cordials for the most part will be started after 1998, and probably after
> Feb 1 so those two rules probably need not apply to the cordial part of the
> contest.  Some of the softer fruit cordials don't hold well that long
> unless they are really intense.

The same is true for beers, so I'll see if I can figure out a way to
word this that doesn't sound stupid. I'll get the tenative flier wording
done this week and posted for people to comment and help correct.


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