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CDCasey1 CDCasey1 at
Mon Jan 12 12:31:58 PST 1998

contest stuff...
the bottles should probably be green or brown, & we should ask for at least 3.
three judges can score from just one bottle, but we should allow for breakage
if we want to do a best of show.  

depending on what kind of response we get, we may have to create sub-
categories of things like mead & beer.  we may even want to restrict to a few
specific styles (pale ales & stouts, for example).  something else we should
consider: I think it's great to have a category for period recipes.  but we
should make some ourselves in order to qualify ourselves.  I know we did the
hippocras, but perhaps an (gag) unhopped ale should be in order.  I know hops
were period, but you never know...  we should also have large quantities of
bread (or crackers) & water on hand.

charter stuff...
well, I'm basically clueless.  something that might be a good idea is to build
up a guild library.  perhaps a requirement for master could even be to write
something up on a brewing subject to have in the library (did I just suggest
that???).  by library I mean a shelf in pug's house.
 I think all-grain brewing should be a requirement, & as such I'll be happy to
lend equipment.

infected batches don't count.
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