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Greetings Pug!
	I'm sorry that I am just now responding to your inquiry about our
guild.  I have lost your original posting so I am going to give you an
off-the-cuff overview and you can feel free to pick my brain about the
rest.  I will be happy to share any info we have that you think will
help you out.
	The Kingdom Brewer's Guild of Caid started humbly about ten years ago
with a group of brewer's getting together to share knowledge among
themselves and with the kingdom's populace about brewing.  To this day,
we have had a rather casual attitude about brewing "in period".  Period
brewing is appreciated but is by no means required.  The emphasis
instead has been on quality and diversity(i.e. becoming involved in
brewing different kinds of beverages instead of just beer or wine,
etc.).  We have developed a ranking system within the Guild and we are
trying to construct standards for the training of judges.  Our standards
for judging our brewing efforts are based on the American Homebrewers
Association judging forms which we have adapted to a 100-point score and
for use with brews other than beer.
	Even though the Guild has been around for ten years, it is still
evolving and improving.  We are organized into several "branches".  Each
branch is made up of brewers in a particular region of the kingdom.  We
only have branches in areas where brewers want to be organized under the
auspices of the Guild.  In other words, we don't have a branch in every
location within the kingdom-only in places where the brewers want to
organize them.  In fact, we just had a new branch organize itself and
request to be added to the Guild.  Currently, we have four branches (not
including the new one) and forty members.  We hold council meetings
bimonthly at different branch locations.  At these meetings, we conduct
the business of the Guild and hold tastings where individual efforts are
judged and/or showcased.
	Recently, we were recognized by our Kingdom and accorded the honor of
becoming "Right Noble".  We are all pretty happy about that!  We try to
provide judges for major events that have brewing contests and we make
ourselves available to teach at the collegiums.  Also, we try to promote
responsible attitudes and behavior towards drinking within the context
of the SCA.  Our kingdom has had some trouble in the past with being
banned from certain sites for violations of rules concerning alcoholic
consumption.  We, as the Brewer's Guild, are trying to educate our
populace and help to maintain good relations with site owners.
	Well, I think I'll let you digest that.  Like I said, feel free to ask
any questions or request any information that might help out.

Cheers, Eoghan

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