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      Bylaws of the Brewer's and Vintners Guild of the Middle Kingdom

    To encourage, recognize and support the excellence in the Brewing 
    and Vinting Arts through discussion, positive critique, review, 
    training and support.

    To research of the Guild system itself by operation of a 
    medievally guided Guild structure.

    To support research of the B&V art by creating and supporting
    an active library of shared resources.  The composition and 
    distribution of this library shall be decided upon annually by the 
    Voting Guild members.

    To train is a standard requirement of all persons who join the

    To hold instructional classes on all aspects of the B&V art
    for public attendance.

    To publish a newsletter dedicated to the B&V arts.

Membership and Rank:
    A member of the Guild need not be a paying member of the 
    Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., unless otherwise 
    specified in the bylaws.

    An Apprentice is a person who has voiced an interest in 
    the Guild, attended at least 1 business meeting and has 
    submitted one Presentation.  An Apprentice holds no rank 
    and has no voting rights within the Guild.

    A Journeyman is a person who has submitted at least 3 acceptable, 
    journeyman quality Presentations as determined by the Guild Masters 
    present at the Tasting, present 1 Class, be proposed by the Guild 
    Masters, then approved by a simple majority of the voting members 
    of the Guild during a business meeting.

    A Master within the Guild shall be called "Guild Master" and 
    shall be elevated upon by a simple majority vote of the Guild 
    Masters', with the single exception of the Guildmaster who 
    shall hold Guild Master's rank while in office.  The requirements 
    for a Guild Master will be determined by the Guild Masters 
    themselves as they see fit, but shall include research, 
    reconstruction, performance, teaching, proctoring, watch-dogging, 
    and choreographing of the B&V arts.
    Reciprocity of Mastership in the Imperium Guild is recognized within

    these Bylaws with appropriate documentation.  The Guild Masters must

    vote upon the candidate as a Master by a simple majority.  Minimum
    activity for a member should be attained as soon as possible.

    A Journeyman rank may be granted by acclamation by being 
    proposed by the Guild Masters and approved by 3/4 of all 
    Guild Voting Members. 
    Voting membership will lapse when the Guild member fails to attend 
    one class in a calendar year and at least TWO of the following:
        2 presentations 	teach 1 class 
        attend 1 class 		write 1 Newsletter article
    The Guildmaster may waive the minimum Voting membership requirement
    by announcing the waiver for the voting member at a Business

    Lapse in membership will cause a loss of all Guild rank 
    unless a simple majority of Guild Voting members approves      the
reinstatement of the previous rank.

		Oversees all Guild activity and represents the 
		Guild in all outside matters.  Advises members on 
		all aspects of Guild policy and concerns.  Reports 
		to the Seneschal and MOAS of the Middle Kingdom on
		the state of the Guild.

		Shall conduct Tastings, introduce Presentations, 
		take notes, and count votes during the Guild Functions.

		Keep the list of members Voting members, Guild Masters, 
		and officially curate the Bylaws.  Report to the 
		Guildmaster on the state of the Guild.

		Oversee all monies and reviews all budgets.  
		Reports to the Guildmaster the status of the monies 
		and advises members about budgetary concerns.  The 
		Exchequer will also report as required by the bylaws 
		and the Society for Creative Anachronism.

		Schedules Tastings and generates invitation lists. 
		Handles library and equipment circulation and billing.  
		Edits and publishes the newsletter.  Reports to the 
		Guildmaster on the status of the Library and makes 
		recommendations as to content of the books and

    All officers must be Voting Members and hold membership within 
    the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

    A term of Office is 1 calendar year.
    The Guildmaster may remove any officer from office for 
    nonparticipation in Guild meetings, not meeting reporting 
    requirements, or nonconduct of duties of that office.  This 
    action must be voted on by a simple majority of the Voting 
    members at the next business meeting.

    Officers will be elected by popular vote with at least a simple 
    majority at least once per year.  

    No Guild member can hold any office more than 3 terms (whole 
    or partial) consecutively.

    If an office is open, the Guildmaster may appoint a Voting 
    Guild member to that office for the duration of that term.

    A Voting Guild member may request an election of an appointed 
    officer by presenting a referendum request to the Steward who 
    must poll the Voting Guild members for a simple majority within 
    2 business meetings of the request.  If successful, the Steward 
    will call a special election for the office in question within 2 
    business meetings.  A referendum may only be requested within 2 
    meetings (business or Tasting) of the appointment.

    All officers will write quarterly reports to the Guildmaster who 
    will summarize them for presentation to all Guild members.

    The Guildmaster will make an annual report of all activities for
    the past year to the Guild and propose goals for the upcoming year.

    All officers will take on a drop dead deputy acceptable to the 
    Voting members of the Guild, who will be capable, willing and able 
    to take on the duties of the office in an emergency.

    All officers may delegate any task assigned to them to a 
    designated deputy with the sole exception of the Guildmaster, 
    who may not delegate any business of the Guild Masters except 
    to another Guild Master.  The Officer is still responsible 
    for that activity, and any failure to complete the task is the 
    Officer's, not that of the Deputy.  Note that a Deputy need not 
    be a voting member.

    Any decision by any officer may be appealed in the following manner:
    First to the officer themselves, then to their immediate superior, 
    following to the Guildmaster.  The final arbiter of Guild matters 
    beyond the Guild is the Middle Kingdom MOAS.

Voting and Bylaw Amendment:
    Voting Guild members consist of Journeyman, Guild Masters and 

    Non-budgetary bylaws must be approved by a simple majority.

    Any new money spent must be approved by a 2/3 majority of the 
    voting Guild Members.

    Ongoing monies are those that will be spent to continue a service, 
    such as a magazine subscription.

    Ongoing monies spent must be reviewed annually and approved 
    by a simple majority of the voting Guild Members.

    The Guildmaster may veto any vote save as specified in these bylaws.

    Decisions by the Guildmaster may be overridden only by a 
    3/4 majority of the voting Guild members unless otherwise 
    specified within the bylaws.

    A vote of no confidence of the Guildmaster will consist of a 
    4/5 majority of the voting members of the Guild.  A successful 
    vote of no confidence immediately removes the Guildmaster and 
    forces immediate elections of all officers within 2 business 
    meetings.  The Steward shall preside over the Vote of no 
    confidence and the election of Officers.

    These bylaws may be amended by proposing changes to the voting 
    Members, then publishing the proposed change in the newsletter, 
    then voted upon at the next business meeting.

    A 2/3 majority vote of the voting members is required to amend
    these bylaws.

    Any point of business can be tabled for 1 business meeting by a
    simple majority vote.  A point of business may only be tabled 
    once.  It must then be voted upon as stated in these bylaws.

    A Guildmaster who has suffered a vote of no confidence will 
    lose all voting rights for 1 year, but otherwise has no loss 
    of rank.

    A simple majority is 50% + 1 of all Guild Voting Members.

    A quorum is a simple majority of all Guild Voting members 
    and must be attained at business meetings to be official.

    The Guildmaster may direct the Steward to individually poll 
    members for an official vote outside of the normal meeting 
    cycle if both deem it necessary.  The preferable format for 
    this poll is written correspondence signed by the Voting Member.  
    This type of poll requires that all Voting members be notified 
    and given the opportunity to vote on all issues.

    Any member may withdraw their own Voting Rights at any time.

    A Guild member's voting rights may be revoked by the 
    Guildmaster for nonparticipation in meetings, violation of the 
    bylaws, violation of the Laws of the Middle Kingdom, or 
    violation of the rules of the Society for Creative 
    Anachronism, subject to majority review by the Voting members 
    of the Guild within 2 business meetings.

    If a Guild Member is convicted of a felony in the mundane world, 
    or is censured by an SCA Court of Chivalry, the Guildmaster may 
    request that the Guild Voting members remove the offender from 
    the ranks of the Guild, stripping them of all Guild rank.  This 
    requires a 4/5 vote by the Guild Voting members.

    Voting rights may be restored by a simple majority in the 
    case of voluntary withdrawal, or by the same ratio of Voting 
    Guild members that was required to remove the Voting rights, 
    unless otherwise specified in these bylaws.

    All Guild Master's votes will be secret, as they see fit.  All 
    general votes will be public, with the exception of officer's 
    elections, which will be by secret ballot.

    No rule may be passed by the Guild retroactively.

    Voting within the Guild may occur in the following ways:
	1. Direct Polling of members during Business Meetings
	2. Mail in signed poll(s).
	3. Verified email poll(s).
	4. Signed Proxy valid for 1 vote each.
	5. A Hall Master may take a vote and bring it to a 
	   Guild business meeting.

    Meetings will be held at most every other month, at least quarterly.
    with a Tasting meeting being held at least every business meeting, 
    or as directed by the Voting members of the Guild.

    There will be a quarterly meeting of all Guild members and Hall 

    There will be no monetary dues to join or hold membership within 
    the Guild.  
    Tasting supplies will be paid for by the Guild, not the members.

    No monies will be spent on alcoholic beverages.

    The guild may purchase and resell any ingredients and equipment it
    sees fit, save as restricted in these bylaws.

    All profits garnered by the Guild belong to the Guild and will be 
    spent for equipment, library materials, or as the Guild Voting 
    Members see fit (as designated under Voting).

    Money will be charged for equipment rental, Library use, Tastings, 
    Newsletters, and other functions as Guild Voting members see fit.

    Monies will be handled as per the Society for Creative Anachronism's

    Exchequer's Handbook.

    A written record of all accounts of the Guild will be immediately 
    available to any Guild Voting members upon written request to the 

    The invited attendees to a Tasting of Presentations.  This list 
    of persons need not be Guild members, but shall be those, in 
    the opinion of the Steward, who can give useful, positive 
    criticism to the Presenters.  
    Tasters will grade Presentations for quality according to the 
    Middle Kingdom Arts & Sciences criteria or as designated by the 
    Steward at each Tasting.

    The Steward may appoint anyone as a Taster, at any time up to and 
    including the Presentation.

    Tastings will consist of at least 5 Presentations to be discussed 
    and critiqued.  

    Documentation is to be handed out before Tasting and politely 
    discussed.  All invited guests at a Tasting will be expected to 
    participate in the discussion. Tasters will be expected to approve 
    or disapprove of the Presentations.

    A presentation is a single prepared beverage.  All Presentations 
    must be accompanied by kingdom level A&S documentation as specified 
    by the Middle Kingdom A&S Handbook and Criteria, and other 
    documentation as specified. 

    The Guild Masters of the Guild shall place requirements on 
    Presentations and their use in Guild rank.

    Only one Presentation per Presenter may be done per Tasting, unless
    previously approved by both the Steward and Guildmaster.

Specialty Groups:
    The Guild may sponsor specialty groups within the Guild that are 
    related to the B&V art.
Guild Chapters:
    The Guildmaster may create chapters with the approval of the Guild 
    Voting members by a simple majority.  The chapter shall consist of 
    a Hall master and voting members and will report to the Guildmaster 
    all activities at the discretion of the Guildmaster.  The structure 
    of the Hall will be determined by the Guildmaster and the Hall 
    Voting members.  The Guildmaster will retain all authority over 
    the Hall and the Hallmaster will be considered a deputy of the 

    A Hall may handle no monies without the express permission and 
    guidance of the Guild Exchequer.

    A Hall may have it's own library and equipment at the discretion 
    of the Guildmaster and Librarian, but the ownership of all equipment
    and library materials shall remain with the Guild, not the Hall.

    A Hall may not hold a Tasting without permission and guidance from
    the Guild Steward.

    All Hall Masters must attend quarterly meetings of the Guild.

    All Hall members must make at least one Presentation to a Guild
    Tasting, and submit one article to the Guild newsletter in a 
    calendar year.

    The Guild will create awards for excellence in the B&V arts 
    to be proposed by the Guild Masters then voted upon by the 
    Guild Voting members in a simple majority approval.  These awards 
    shall hold no Kingdom status, being to show that the recipient 
    has excelled in the practice of a part of the B&V arts.  

    Recipients of these awards will be decided upon by the Guild 
    Masters as they see fit.

    One specific award shall be the Award of Office.  These honorary 
    awards shall be granted by the Guild Masters and have no authority 
    beyond that granted by excellence.  The responsibility of this
    office shall be to teach the skill recognized by the holder.  
    This award will be held by only 1 member at a time.

    The first Award of Office shall be the Apprentice office, who shall 
    be responsible for teaching the Apprentice class.

    Some suggestions for awards would be Brewer, Vintner, or the like.  

Initial Startup:
    The initial startup of the Guild will be Baron Arundel the 
    Falconer as Guildmaster.  As Guildmaster He shall appoint 
    officers and initial Guild Voting members by virtue of these 
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