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CDCasey1 said something that sounded like:
> the middle kingdom laws read like a bad legal document.

I'd like to see a period charter, as well as a more modern version
written. Period charters have some very odd verbage, spelling and
grammer in them.

> however, I like the part about membership lapsing.

I thought that was very good as well. That way you can keep your rank,
and not have to start over when you come back. However we'll have to
have certain privileges you get for having active membership besides
saying you are a part of it.

> I also like the providing bottles for use at
> events from the maclaird (sp?) by-laws.  the amounts may be excessive (unless
> it's for just one event), but it would help spread the cost of ingredients
> out...

I'm assuming that amounts would be per year. I don't know what the
ballpark amounts would be though. I'd have to be something that
translates between wine bottles and beer bottles though. This is part of
the reason I think we need a modern version of the charter for issues
like this. The period style could simply state X measures while leaving
the measure undefined.

I've talked to Alaric about this briefly and from that I *think* the best
way to handle that would be to make it be an ammount per year by rank.
This amount would be given either to a person you are in fealty to or the
local nobility. If there is no local nobility, it will be given to the
Seneschal of the group as the leader.

The *guild*, since it will have its charter with the group, will also
have a quota per year and this will be given to the local nobility or

NOTE: If you do not wish to be ranked within the guild, you would owe no
obligation. You also can't claim the levels of expertise/rank either.


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