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N. D. Wederstrandt nweders at
Sun May 3 06:20:30 PDT 1998

if you use candle wax it will not work!  It's too soft.  Also today's
candles are not tasty.  Beeswax is soft but at least it's edible.  You
could try sealing wax or you could maybe try cloth thatis soaked in wax and
cover the top of the bottle.  when it hardens it will be stronger than just

Mistress Meadhbh has a book called Anglo Saxon Food which contains a
sizable amount of information about brewing and wine.  She'll let you look
at her books but goesn't check them out for overnight visits.  I read a
little bit and the authors seem to think that the Anglo Saxons brewed ale
and beer !  That they had some sort of wild hops that they used.  They also
talk about brewing on the continent at that time as well.  I will see if I
can get her to make a copy of the parts or... I will coppy out the
pertinent info.

Anyone interest in a brief report on brewing by anglo saxons?

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